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     Highly respectful and professional. Arrived within the agreed timeframe and completed the tasks. Cleaners Bayswater is operating smoothly. Cleaned up thoroughly after the job.
A. Henderson10/07/2024
     Immensely satisfied with all the services offered. Everyone on staff was very civil and trustworthy.
Annabella Thomas20/11/2023
     Really pleased with the domestic cleaning from Bayswater Cleaners, and their willingness to accommodate any necessary changes or cancellations has been really impressive. Definitely worth recommending and using again!
Noah Green23/02/2023
     My experience with Cleaners Bayswater has been all but stellar during the past five months, where I've had the privilege of having a remarkable cleaner who is both honest and capable at keeping our flat spotless every time they come by. Totally satisfied with the service - would definitely advocate it!
Gertrude T.24/01/2023
     I've been using Cleaners-Bayswater for home cleaning for a while now, and I am always delighted with the service. The team takes such great care of my home and leaves everything spotless.
Isabel Mantee19/05/2020
      Cleaners-Bayswater left my home looking spotless and with great attention to detail. Prompt communication and service as well, I'll definitely recommend them to other people who need cleaning.
Isaac S.19/09/2019
      Cleaning Company Bayswater offer low rates and fantastic cleaning services. That's what I deem to be the perfect service.
Anna K.20/11/2017
     I'm a student and have moved properties every year. End of lease cleaning for my flat shares has been difficult because it's hard to get everyone together. And we never manage to do a good job on our own. I rang Bayswater Cleaners to hear about their prices and they were very helpful. I will 100% be using them again for my next move.
Sean Patterson 15/03/2016
     Like a lot of people, I've always put aside a big chunk of my free time to clean my house, and keep everything looking nice. Recently, I've had a promotion at work which means I'm working a lot more hours, and don't have the flexibility to keep up with all the cleaning chores around the house. I hired Cleaners Bayswater to give me a hand with all this, and they've gone much further than I had expected. Every part of their planning and cleaning process goes smoothly, and everyone at the company is polite and understanding of my needs.
George F.21/12/2015
     I like how accommodating the cleaning crew from Bayswater Cleaners has been. I just moved home and didn't get time to give the house a thorough cleaning because of my sixteen months old. When I called the company, they were happy to come down and help me out. They even went out of their way to accommodate a few requests I made, and were so professional while they worked. They even took care to keep the noise down when my baby was sleeping. They are lovely people! Thank you so much.
     Wanted to say thank you to Bayswater Cleaners for the recent help with cleaning my parents' home. It's been a while since it's had a proper spring clean and the size of the building is enough to put most people off trying. But they were utterly undaunted and managed to get everything done in a very quick time. Very efficient, yes, but they were very effective as well. Pretty much exactly what we had been looking for in a cleaning company, easy to recommend.
Thomas L.07/01/2015
     I am very particular about the way I clean my house and I am usually scared that this might be a source of dissension with the professional cleaners I hire. However, when the cleaning lady from Bayswater Cleaners came, she was extremely polite and obliging of my needs. Not only that, she even cleaned the areas I had not even asked her too. The cleaning products she used were very good and more importantly, safe and eco-friendly. This was a huge plus. I think I just found a cleaning company after my own heart! Thanks!
Joanna T.04/12/2014
     I surprised my wife after she had been away working with a deep clean service from a local cleaning company called Bayswater Cleaners. They did a fantastic job, covering top to bottom of our home. The cleaners scrubbed, polished, vacuumed and mopped until every nook and cranny was cleaned. The entire place looked wonderful and the cost was fair too. My wife was pleased on her return to see a sparkling clean home. From now she is going to hire them on a regular weekly basis.
Jason Graves24/11/2014
     Reliable, dependable and always on time! This company sent a cleaner sent a cleaner along to my one bedroom apartment and did a great job. I wasn't sure if it would be worth it or not because my home isn't very big, but taking into consideration that I just don't have the time to do everything myself it was a great idea! The cleaner from Bayswater Cleaners gave my flooring a complete clean and even showed me how to do it better myself. Needless to say I will be hiring them again and found them a nice bunch to deal with. Great staff and prices!
May M.23/10/2014
     I was always a bit reticent to hire a cleaner because of all the horror stories I had heard from friends and family about their cleaners, how they stole, or couldn't speak English, or only did a half job. But breaking point came whilst the house was being redone, and there was dust everywhere. I just didn't have the time to clean it all up, with work and my children, so we called up Bayswater Cleaners and they sent someone over the very next day. We were so blown away by the quality of work in the kitchen, we have hired them to do the whole house next week!
Monty R.04/09/2014
     I'm obsessed with keeping a clean home, because germs are my worst nightmare. So to ensure that everything remains as spotless as possible, I only hire the most professional of cleaning services: Bayswater Cleaners. I take hygiene seriously, and so do they. My first experience of them couldn't have gone better. They use heavy duty products where they need to, and more careful ones on delicate surfaces. The end result was nothing short of perfect! Every corner was taken care of, and every surface ended up looking like brand new. If you've never used a cleaner before, then get in touch with this company. I cannot recommend them enough.
Bruce F.21/08/2014
     I am not going to try and claim that Bayswater Cleaners do more than they say they will. They come round to my house every Wednesday afternoon and clean it. It takes about three hours, and it costs me about ten quid an hour. However, they leave the place feeling a lot nicer than they found it, and for my thirty quid, I have a place that is relaxing to be in for the week. I am sure that many out there will feel like they can do that for themselves, but I personally like having this company come and do it for me, so I recommend anyone who likes the sound of it give them a call.
John White14/05/2014
     I am delighted to say that Bayswater Cleaners have been an incredible help over the last couple of months. I just moved out on my own, and with my first job being so stressful, I quickly found that I needed a cleaner. The team are always on hand to help out, form staining, to general house hold cleaning, I always get a great job form them. The prices are good, and the staff are nice to have around, so there is little more that I could ask for! I'll be using them for the foreseeable future I think!
Steve Santiago29/04/2014
     You can certainly rely on this company, I heard some great reviews so I used them before Christmas to clear up the place a bit before all of the family came around and they did a superb job. My kitchen and bathrooms were absolutely fantastic and it saved me loads of time so I could get some of the other jobs done and we were ready for Christmas. All of the staff really did Bayswater Cleaners proud and I would be very happy to use them again. Prices are very reasonable and the staff were very easy to host and chat to.
Kylie S.08/04/2014
     My young daughter suffers from very bad asthma, and one of the best ways to prevent asthma attacks is to make sure our house is free from all sorts of dust and dirt! This can be pretty difficult for me though, as I work full-time. I just couldn't seem to manage to get the house as clean as I wanted, so I looked online to find information about local cleaning companies. I chose to call Bayswater Cleaners and I'm very glad that I did! I have a cleaner who manages to get all the dust and grime in my house without any trouble at all, and my daughter and I both reap the benefits! Fantastic services that aren't too expensive - definitely worth a call!
     If you are looking for a cleaner, give Bayswater Cleaners a call. Just take my personal recommendation and roll with it, these guys will not let you down. Even if you aren't looking for a cleaner call them, having a cleaner will be a revelation. Do I sound a bit forceful? Probably, but these guys are really, really good. They make cleaning look like an art, they are that skilled. My house is a palace and I am the envy of friends and family. My secret? I pay Bayswater Cleaners to do it, not that I tell them that! I am quite happy to leave a recommendation however, because they deserve it.
     This is a fantastic cleaning company that will be able to do anything you ask of them! I called Bayswater Cleaners because my house is just too big for one person to clean on their own, and I hired a team of cleaners to give my home a thorough once-over. I was really really happy with the results. My house was clean, my floors were sparkling and my bathroom and kitchen were immaculate! This is a really reliable and affordable service that's great for all of your cleaning needs. I only regret not hiring them sooner than I did!
     Bayswater Cleaners are amazing! I have been using them for a while, and they are really great to have working for me. I particularly like how well they leave the place, with everything exactly where it was left, except cleaner! Not that they leave the place untidy, they just make it neater, cleaner, but leave things where I left them, so nothing is lost. I like to chat with the girl who comes round, but she still does an amazing job in the time that she is there, which is amazing! Service with a smile, and a great job all round. Thank you!
     I just moved with my family into a bigger house, and keeping up with all the chores was becoming too much for me to handle. I found out about Bayswater Cleaners from their website, and decided to contact them right away. I got a lot of helpful information over the phone, and even though I was a bit unsure at first, the lovely woman I spoke to was really kind. I was so impressed with the cleaning service. The cleaner was friendly and got down to work straight away. I don't think my home has ever been this clean and I can't imagine hiring anyone else ever again!
     You just won't find a better service than this, and believe me I have been looking for some time. As a busy city worker I need my apartment to stay clean and tidy, so that when I am there, I can relax. Bayswater Cleaners tick all the boxes. They are courteous, affordable, discreet; just about everything you could ask for. I have had a few cleaners in my time, and never have I been so impressed with work as this. Recommended to anyone who simply doesn't have time to take care of the chores - Bayswater Cleaners will do a great job for you.
Alex Hales28/11/2013
     I realized that my flat was developing a strange smell, and it was quite off putting, whenever I got home I got this weird waft of what seemed like damp. After having a sniff around, I realized that it was coming from the living room. Bayswater Carpet Cleaning proffered the idea that it may have been coming from my upholstered furniture, and I figured it was worth trying to clean the sofa and arm chairs, so booked them in for a clean including the upholstery. The result was immediate, the place feels fresh and brighter, and I don't get that smell anymore!
H. Quimby18/11/2013
     I know that getting a cleaner in is probably a bit lazy, given that I have a small flat that is not difficult to clean, but the size of the place does mean that getting a cleaner round is rather cheaper than most people's services I presume. The truth is, that I am really rather too busy to be messing around with cleaning the place, and want only to have to focus on working or not working, rather than bothering with all of the chores that are boring and irritating. Bayswater Carpet Cleaning have ensured that I never have to bother with dusting, sweeping, mopping or vacuuming again!
Oz Macklefield15/11/2013
     Hopefully having a cleaner is no longer seen as a signal that you are lazy or entitled, as so many people have them nowadays. It makes totally sense, especially if you are out of the house all day. You can't be spending your evenings and weekends dusting and mopping, so why not completely erase such issues by paying a little each week to get a cleaner round? I use Bayswater Carpet Cleaning and they have always been consummate professionals; getting the job done with ease without hiking the price up too much. I would recommend them to all!
G. Sutherland14/11/2013
     I've always used a cleaner, but the best one I have used has to be Bayswater Carpet Cleaning. Of the various services that I have used, they were the only ones that i have stuck with for a long period of time, and that is why I am still using them now. Their prices are good and their service is great, which means that I can just strike the cleaning off of the list of stresses that I have. I would suggest that anyone looking for a regular house clean give them a call right away, you should not be disappointed.
N. Jensen13/11/2013
     Cleaning has always been a pet hate of mine! Whether it is because I am particularly lazy, or just absolutely terrible at it for some innate reason, I do not know, but I have always used a cleaning service, and I have found that Bayswater Carpet Cleaning really are the best in my area for getting the job done with no fuss or hassle. They have never cancelled on me, nor done anything but a great job, so I would suggest them to anyone looking for a great service and a great price, as they have excellent value for money.
Heather A.12/11/2013