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Useful Office Cleaning Tips
07Jan 2014
Useful Office Cleaning Tips

Although the office is a big place, there really isn’t that much to cleaning it. Even if you have a cleaner, the upkeep of the office is still everyone’s responsibility. You should make sure you have enough cleaning products and stock up when they are running low. You should make sure everyone pulls their weight and tidies up after themselves and doesn’t just leave things to other people.

•    Organise any loose paper. There is going to be a lot of paper where it don’t belong so you need to make sure they are all organised and put where they should be as you will most probably need them most when you can’t find what you’re looking for. All folders should be labelled and put somewhere like a cabinet or a shelf. Any paper that needs immediate attention should be put in a tray and labelled so there is no confusion as to what it is and when it needs to be addressed by.

•    Organise all of the desks. At the end of each day, each desk should be tidied and wiped down. A lot of rubbish collects up and anything going in the bin should be separated from paperwork. Use a regular surface cleaner to wipe down the desk and clean any spillages, crumbs and coffee marks.

•    Clean the reception. This is where people’s first impressions come from so you need to make sure that it is always kept tidy. Typically you can leave this area to the receptionist’s attention and care. If you have any reading or informative material, they need to be arranged appropriately and restocked regularly.

•    Clean the staff room. This is your area so you should always leave it how you found it (unless you found it in a mess). A lot of the cooking and food storage goes on in here so it needs to be kept really clean to avoid attracting rodents. All food should be in a sealed container and spillages and crumbs should be cleaned up as soon as possible. The fridge should be cleaned out at the end of every week and the inside should be wiped down and all food disposed of. Microwaves and kettles should be cleaned and descaled frequently. Keeping the staff room clean is a pretty simple task as long as everyone cleans up after themselves. The easiest thing to do is to make sure everyone knows not to leave anything like cups and plates to wash later and to deal with any mess they cause immediately. Dish cloths should be changed and washed regularly and all surfaces should be disinfected at least twice a day.

•    Clean the toilets. No one wants to do this, but unfortunately someone has to. All of the toilet bowls should be left clean and flushed. Sinks shouldn’t be clogged as they end up flooding and the floors should be regularly mopped. You also need to check that all of the toilet roll and soap dispensers are full and if not, they need to be refilled.

Bins need to be taken out at the end of each day and all common areas such as hallways and staff rooms need to be hovered so they are ready for the next day. Windows and doors should be cleaned and you should not be able to see any marks on them. As long as you clean regularly, cleaning the office should take very long at all and it should just be a clean as you work kind of job.

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