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Remove Stains From The Sofa
06Mar 2015
Remove Stains From The Sofa

What a comfortable sitting room without a comfortable sofa? The sofa is an item of furniture that is loved by the whole family – parents, kids, visitors and pets. There is nothing more relaxing that sitting back in the sofa with a warm beverage and a snack to eat. Until that beverage spills or some biscuit crumbs nestle their way between the cushions.

As much as you would love sofa cleaning to happen magically, it is an important part of your household cleaning that needs some attention. There are many things that you can do during your home cleaning chores to keep your sofa look tip top and remove any stains that occur.

Vacuum regularly

Running the vacuum over your sofa at least once a week will help prevent stains from occurring. This action removes any dust and dirt before it becomes permanent and stains the fabric. Regularly vacuuming is especially important if you have pets that access the sofa. When you vacuum, pay particular attention to the space in between the sofa cushions and the arm rests, as well as under the sofa cushions along the base. These tend to be trouble spots where dust and dirt can build up and hard the fibres of the sofa. Vacuuming these away regularly will keep your sofa neat and clean as well as increasing its lifespan so that it can provide comfort to your family home for longer.


Often the key to removing stains is to prevent them happening in the first place. This can be done by not allowing food to be eaten or drinks to be had on the sofa. Also not allowing pets to jump on the furniture will prevent fur and fluff building up and pet claws scratching at the surface.

Having couch cushions or throws are also a good way to prevent stains. These are much easier to wash and clean stains from than the larger sofa cushions. Cushions and throws also add comfort and charm to your sofa. They can look very nice as well as being a good cleaning defence mechanism.

Deep clean

Giving your sofa a deep clean about once a month will enable you to tackle all of the stains that may have occurred. It is important to check the care instructions for your sofa material before deep cleaning. Often using a cleaning spray and cloth is the best way to remove stains. When you do this, use a damp cloth or paper towel and dab at the stain using a blotting action. Do not rub the stain otherwise you will make it spread further. If the fabric is suitable to be machine washed, do this for the cushion covers monthly as part of the deep clean and it will remove any traces of stains.

Get the professionals in

If cleaning isn’t your strength, why not consider hiring a professional sofa cleaner. Many cleaning companies specialise in deep cleaning sofas and will be able to do this cleaning service for you. When making inquiries about sofa cleaning, make sure you have the specific details ready to give to the company. These details include things such as the type of material on the sofa, how big the sofa is, and what type of clean it needs. Getting your sofa professionally cleaned can be done every four to six months, with spot cleaning done in between that to get rid of stains.

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